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For 22 years Movie Park Germany has been haunted by gruesome characters in October. This year's Halloween Horror Fest will be even more horrifying than ever before! For our 22nd anniversary, experience dreadful characters and scary attractions!

There are age restrictions in place for the horror attractions (ID CHECKS, also for those accompanied by their parents/legal guardians). Costumes and wearing of disguising Halloween masks are not allowed!




  • Action-packed rides
    On Halloween, the High Fall becomes the Terror Tower! Will you dare to fall into the unknown?
  • Streetentertainment
    Let our monsters in the streets scare you to death and then relax to the beats of DJ Max Behling on the NYC Plaza.

  • Horror Houses
    There is no escape! How good is your sense of direction if the monsters are after you?
    Please note: The horror houses are not included in your admission tickets. Tickets for this attractions are available at www.moviepark.de/extras-en shortly

  • 3 Scare Zones (Dead West, Horrorwood Boulevard und Acid Rain)
    Close your eyes and hope for the best? In the Scare Zones, horror is out and about under the open sky.

  • Foto Points
    Do you really want a reminder of your day of terror at the Halloween Horror Festival 2020?




For our young guests, we have set up a monster-free zone at NICKLAND during the Halloween Horror Fest. The terrible characters have no access here, so kids can fully enjoy the moderate, age-appropriate Halloween programme, such as face painting and pumpkin carving.




On any halloween day, the park is open from 10am to 10pm. The Halloween Horror Festival programme starts at 6pm and takes place on the following days:

October 2020
  • every Thursday through Sunday
November 2020
  • 1st November 2020
  • 6th - 8th November 2020





You can book your stay for most Halloween days with the "Classic Package" and "Glamping Adventure". If you plan to arrive on 1st or 8th November, please select the "Saver Package".

To make your booking, please return to the HOME page and select one of the packages shown above.




More information about the Halloween Horror Festival is available on www.halloween-horror-festival.de (in German and Dutch language)