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About us

What is Movie Park Holidays?

Movie Park Holidays with Movie Park Germany Services GmbH is the official tour operator of Movie Park Germany. We offer the possibility of direct hotel booking, additional services and park entrance on our booking platform. All offered hotels are located nearby the park and reachable with a journey time up to 30 minutes.

The integration of the hotels to the cities of the Ruhr area, offers you an additional variety of evening entertainment. The hotels themselves are selected and tested by our team.

Plan and book with Movie Park Holidays your vacation with best price guarantee!

What do we offer?

We offer a convenient, fast and easy planning of your vacation by using our online-booking-system. Choose your individual offer from our "Holidays Packages" with one or two days admission! In addition, we offer the opportunity to extend your chosen package for more nights in the hotel to explore the attractions of the ruhr area.

Our offered prices in our selected hotels in combination with admission to Movie Park Germany are unbeatable.