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Halloween Package

When the full moon rises over Horrorwood Studios, your last hour has come. Are you brave enough to face all the monsters, zombies and serial killers from the worst horror movies? Then venture into the nightmare factory and make your greatest fears come true this fall! When the Halloween Horror Festival casts its dark shadows ahead, over 280 monsters will be unleashed on visitors in October and November to provide the right horror atmosphere.

This package includes the park visit until 10 pm and one-time free admission to the show "Madhouse - Insanity lives here"! Tickets for the haunted houses are available here: ► Buy haunted houses tickets

Your travel documents, including the entrance tickets for Movie Park Germany, will be sent to you by e-mail for printing them out, right after we have received your full payment.


Please note


Please inform yourself, before your arrival or booking, on the websites of the respective hotels about the measures, e.g. expiry of breakfast or any closed facilities that have been affected in your booked / requested hotel due to the corona pandemic. Due to the very dynamic situation, we cannot provide detailed information here. In this case, complaints about possibly closed facilities or changed services will not be recognized.

During the booking process you can specify your desired visiting days. You select the first day in the park, the second day of visit then automatically is the following day. A further reservation is not necessary.



The package includes

  • ► Overnight stay/-s in booked category at the hotel

  • ► Breakfast

  • ► 2-Day-Ticket for Movie Park Germany (valid for two consecutive days during your stay)

  • Park visit until 10pm (on Halloween days)

  •  One-time free admission to the show "Madhouse - Insanity lives here" for all booked guests ages 16 and older (You will receive a booking code with your travel documents, with which you can book the tickets for the show for free.).

► starting at € 64,95 p.p.
      depending on hotel and travel date



Additional services you may add to your booking
(All additional services may be added in the third step of the booking)


2 days parking at Movie Park Germany

  • € 16.00 per car




To make your booking, please return to the HOME page and select the "Halloween Package".


Halloween Horror Festival 2022

The dark sky arches menacingly over the once glamorous movie sets. The stench of decay is in the air, distorted screams interrupt the silence now and then. For a long time, people believed that the horror creatures of the big screen were fiction - but inside  HORRORWOOD STUDIOS they have long since become bloody reality. There, all kinds of monsters from film history are up to their mischief in search of their next victims. Their favorite hunting ground is located directly behind the once mighty gate of HORRORWOOD STUDIOS - Enter at your own risk!

There are age restrictions in place for the horror attractions (ID CHECKS, also for those accompanied by their parents/legal guardians). Costumes and wearing of disguising Halloween masks are not allowed!




  • Action-packed rides
    On Halloween days, High Fall becomes Terror Tower and in the Studio Tour we shoot the "Final Cut"!
  • Streetentertainment
    Let our monsters in the streets scare you to death and then relax to the beats of DJ Max Behling on the NYC Plaza.

  • Horror Houses
    There is no escape! How good is your sense of direction if the monsters are after you?
    Please note: The horror houses are not included in your admission tickets. Tickets for this attractions are available here

  • 3 Scare Zones (Dead West, Horrorwood Boulevard und Acid Rain)
    Close your eyes and hope for the best? In the Scare Zones, horror is out and about under the open sky.

  • 3 Shows
    BACK AGAIN: Hypno-Casting (Hypnosis Show)
    NEW 2022: Mapping Show on the "Red Carpet Store" and Hollywood Boulevard
    NEW 2022: MADHOUSE - Insanity lives here at Studio 7 (Show is included in the Halloween Package!)

  • Foto Points
    Do you really want a reminder of your day of terror at the Halloween Horror Festival 2020?




For our young guests, we have set up a monster-free zone at NICKLAND during the Halloween Horror Fest. The terrible characters have no access here, so kids can fully enjoy the moderate, age-appropriate Halloween programme, such as face painting and pumpkin carving.




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To make your booking, please return to the HOME page and select the "Halloween Package".



More information about the Halloween Horror Festival is available on www.halloween-horror-festival.de